Sustainability Mission

One of Green Bay Converting’s core values is “a lifelong consideration for our irreplaceable environment through sustainable actions.” At GBC, this is not simply a well-meaning slogan but a principle that helps us define what is important and helps guide our business practices.

Here are some highlights of GBC actions designed to enhance the sustainability of our company, our community and the markets we serve.

  • 2000 to Date: Collection and recycling of all trim waste, core materials and packaging.
  • 2000 to Date: Collection and recycling of office waste paper and recently added segregation of aluminum cans and other wastes.
  • 2000 to Date: Procurement of raw materials and tissue that offers high recycled fiber content and great customer value.

Taking action to reduce energy consumption and recycle waste are good business practices for any company, and GBC has made significant strides in seeking out and instituting practices that reduce our environmental impact. Our goal is to cut harmful emissions, reduce the need to harvest trees, reduce water and energy consumption, and help eliminate the need to landfill valuable, reusable sources of waste paper.

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