Our Capabilities

Flexiblility to create full suite of paper products

Green Bay Converting not only has the machine capabilities to create a wide range of paper products, from toilet paper to towels to wipers, it has the experienced team to deliver high quality goods.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

We Are the Leading Towel, Tissue & Wiper Contract Manufacturer in North America

Green Bay Converting has a wide range of flexible towel, tissue, and wiper capabilities. With over 20 assets, GBC is able to convert single fold towels, hardwound towels, center pull towels, jumbo roll tissue, and a variety of wipers.

Our strategic locations provide our customers with many logistic and financial advantages. Situated in Green Bay, WI and Hattiesburg, MS, two large concentrations of paper manufacturers and related industries, sources for raw materials, equipment and technology are in close proximity.

Green Bay Converting is an ideal choice for paper manufacturers looking to expand converting and distribution. We are able to manage the process from start to finish by leveraging our extensive sourcing ability, converting capability, warehousing facility and distribution services. Our facilities are engineered for efficient workflow from raw material storage, manufacturing, waste recovery and finished goods warehousing. The entire production process including quality assurance is tailored to meet our customers’ specifications. We adopt our customers’ quality and testing procedures to ensure finished products meet specification requirements.

‍Green Bay Converting’s ability to invest in technology and machinery help ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste across our rewinder, folder, bander and cartoner equipment. The flexibility of these assets and the experience of our dedicated team helps us to meet unique customer specifications.

Toilet Tissue

Jumbo Roll Tissue

Single Fold Towels

Center Pull Towels

Hardwound Towels

Pop-Up Wipers

Sanitizing Wipes