Social Accountability

Green Bay Converting (GBC) takes our social responsibilities very seriously and is committed to advancing our policies and systems across the team to ensure we address and monitor all aspects that are relevant to our business. These include ethical behavior, employee health and safety, care for the environment and community involvement. We recognize that our social, environmental and ethical conduct has an impact on our reputation. Therefore we commit to continual improvement in our performance, efficient use of natural resources, and aspire not to harm our people and our environment.

We are committed to taking positive steps by:

  • Placing Safety First
  • Treating Everyone with respect
  • Caring for our environment
  • Supporting our Community

This is achieved by:

  • Establishing aggressive safety programs with employee managed safety committees.
  • "Treating others as you would like to be treated." Operating in a responsible manner towards employees through fair and equitable practices.
  • Minimizing environmental impacts by reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Donating time and money to many diverse sectors in our community.

Health and Safety

Safety is a first priority at GBC. We aim to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, outside contractors and visitors. GBC aims to comply with all Occupational Health and Safety Administration's regulations. GBC has an employee driven safety program that has multiple subcommittees to focus on all aspects of health and safety.

All employees are obligated to be engaged in maintaining safe work sites through involvement in safety meetings and through conducting safety inspections. They are given safety training at commencement of employment and regularly throughout their career with the Company. GBC maintains a Safety Plan which addresses new regulations, site procedures and actions to improve health and safety. GBC has in place processes for understanding their risks including hazard identification and risk assessment. GBC maintains an emergency response capability suited to its working environment and risks.

Regular safety audits are conducted throughout the facility. Safety policies and procedures are established and practiced. Accidents are investigated and safety performance is tracked by the Company. Safety performance is reported throughout the line management to the CEO during quarterly management reviews.


GBC expects that all of its business is conducted in compliance with the highest ethical standards of business practice. We apply these standards to all dealings with authorities, employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders. Our Ethics Policy has been developed to ensure that the Company's business is conducted in adherence with high ethical and legal principles and sets standards of professionalism and integrity for all employees.

The following is a summary of the Ethics Policy:

  • All managers and employees have the right and responsibility to ensure that the Company's business is conducted with high ethical and legal principles
  • Our policy is to operate within applicable laws
  • Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated
  • No bribes or facilitation payments of any kind shall be given or received
  • Compliance to the strict rules on confidentiality issues
  • Conflicts of interest must be avoided
  • We aim to be a responsible partner within our local communities
  • Employees are encouraged and supported to report, in confidence, any suspected wrongdoings


GBC aims to find, keep and engage the highest caliber of employees and encourages their contribution and development. Appropriate career paths and internal recognition programs are developed for both technical and non-technical staff. Employees are provided with learning and development opportunities to fulfill their potential.

GBC is committed to providing equal opportunity to all existing and prospective employees without unlawful discrimination on the basis of religion, disability, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or any other category protected by the United States, Wisconsin or local laws and regulations applicable in the jurisdiction where such employees, managers or directors are located. We encourage diversity and opportunity, which is reinforced through the Company's Ethics policy.

The workplace must be free from violent behavior. Threatening, intimidation or aggressive behavior, as well as bullying, subject to ridicule or other similar behavior toward fellow employees or others in the workplace will not be tolerated.

GBC believes in taking steps to protect the privacy of its employees, contractors, agents and other representatives. The Company will not interfere in the personal lives of such individuals unless their conduct impairs their work performance or adversely affects the work environment or reputation of GBC. The Company limits the collection of personal information to that which is necessary for business, legal security or contractual purposes and collection of personal information is to be conducted by fair and lawful means with the knowledge and consent of the individual from whom the information is being collected. GBC and all managers and employees shall also comply with all applicable laws regulating the disclosure of personal information.


Good environmental practice and the impact that our operations have on the environment are of great importance to GBC. The Company is committed to sound environmental management. The main aim of the Company's environmental policy is to comply with all applicable environmental legislation in all jurisdictions in which we operate and to adopt responsible environmental practices.

All waste that GBC generates other than food waste is recycled.

GBC has designed and marketed the first ever fully recycled and recyclable bathroom tissue, napkins, and kitchen towel products.

GBC and its employees shall conserve energy resources to the fullest extent possible. By utilizing state of the art converting equipment along with best practice energy conservation, i.e. variable speed drives, high efficiency lighting, high efficiency heat, etc. These investments allow us to demonstrate our commitment to our environment and our people.


GBC aims to build stronger and healthier local community by charitable donations to local schools, colleges, and support of non-profit agencies in the communities in which we operate. We encourage and support our employees to volunteer their time, skill and knowledge to people in need.

GBC believes through partnership and leadership, we can work with our community, to address mutual issues of importance and to improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work.

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