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Green Bay Converting Now Printing, Slitting, and Napkin Making!

GBC is pleased to announce expanded production capabilities with the recent additions of our 75in wide, 8 color gearless Flexographic C.I. press, our 110in wide high-speed slitter, and 3 fully-automated napkin converting and packaging lines. These new assets, located in Green Bay, WI, are a natural extension of our current core competencies. The addition of these new machines will allow entry into strategic markets and allow us to provide products that align with our vision to become a world-class source of supply for converting and printing/packaging solutions. Please contact us today for a proposal.


Wipe Away The Waste

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Ever-Green(R) is a soft and absorbent bathroom tissue made from 100% recycled fibre, packaged in a 100% recyclable carton and shipped in an environmentally friendly way. "That combination is something not found in any other bathroom tissue product," says Cameron Moyer, vice president of sales and operations for Green Bay Converting Inc.

Every package of Ever-Green(R) includes 12-rolls of soft, absorbent, 2-ply, bathroom tissue (made from 100% recycled fibre). Its unique packaging is an environmentally sustainable carton made from 100% recycled paper with no plastic content, so it's 100% recyclable.

"The design is similar to a "fridge pack" that soda manufacturers use," explains Luft. "The rolls easily dispense from the carton one at a time and there's a viewing window so consumers know when they need to buy more." In addition, no difficult-to-recycle plastic is used in the Ever-Green packaging. A totally unique feature of the carton is an area which can be used to collect the tissue cores when consumers are done with the rolls. When all the rolls are used, the entire carton including the cores can be recycled. As for shipping, the packaging is so durable that it doesn't need any additional transportation materials; and is shipped on a flat (pallet) that is also 100% recyclable. "We're incredibly excited about this product," says Luft. "It just makes sense to take an existing product, which everyone needs and which normally produces a lot of waste in the packaging and turn it into something that's eco-friendly and won't end up in the landfill."

Ever-Green(R) is currently available for purchase online at and at as well as at select retailers in the Midwest and Southeastern United States.


Green Bay Converting

GREEN BAY CONVERTING INC. GREEN BAY CONVERTING INC. has introduced Ever-Green, an eco-friendly bathroom tissue. Ever-Green is made from 100% recycled fiber, packaged in a 100% recyclable carton and shipped in an environmentally friendly way, according to the company. Every package includes 12-rolls of 2-ply bathroom tissue. For more information, visit (Aug. 31, 2009)


New Product Gets Boost from New Focus on Keeping Surfaces Sanitary

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Think about this: A restaurant worker cleans a table with the same cloth rag over and over before it's thrown into a bucket of diluted cleaning solution, waiting for the next person to fish it out of the bucket and use it again. A grocery store worker cleans up a spill on a shelf containing food items with a spray cleaner and a roll of paper towels that's been sitting on the floor or was removed from the restroom. Not very appealing or sanitary.

That is why Green Bay Converting, Inc. has developed an all-in-one, cleaning tool called Spray and Dry(tm). the new product is designed to better sanitize surfaces, conserve space and be more convenient compared to a bucket and a rag or an individual spray bottle and towel rolls.

"The idea for this product came about when we realized there was a great need for a cleaning tool that would be convenient, conserve space and, most of all, better sanitize surfaces," says Cameron Moyer, vice president of sales and operations for Green Bay Converting, Inc. "It was in development long before the swine flu began making headlines. But now that people are looking for ways to better sanitize things because of the virus, the awareness has certainly helped boost sales during the product's introductory phase. We've been receiving orders from school districts, medical facilities, restaurants and grocery retailers, to name just a few."

Spray and Dry(TM) combines 26 ounces of cleaning liquid with a protective, re-usable dispenser for disposable toweling in a lightweight package. The product is convenient and portable, which helps make cleaning nearly any surface much easier.

For more information about Spray and Dry(TM), go to

Green Bay Converting, Inc. is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin and produces a wide variety of nationally recognized brand names. Founded in 1999, Green Bay Converting, Inc. employs over three-hundred team members working around the clock with the youngest "fleet" of tissue converting equipment in North America. For more information visit


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