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Product Description
12 - double rolls of soft and absorbent 2-ply, recycled bathroom tissue in a unique (patent pending) recycled fiber carton.

evergreen 12 pack

Product Benefits:

  • Rolls dispense easily from the attractive, compact carton at home, shop or office.

  • Sustainable. No plastic is used for packaging. Individual tissue rolls are un-wrapped.

  • All Packaging and core materials are made from recycled fiber paper.

  • Unique core return feature to help re-capture roll cores that often go to the landfill.

  • All packaging and core materials are themselves recycleable with minimal effort.

  • Even the shipping pallet can be recycled at the store along with other corrugated boxes.

  • No chlorine based chemicals used in the production of the bath tissue or the carton.

  • Reduced packaging content - no corrugated boxes are used for transport. Costs and store level waste are reduced!

Product Specifications:

  1. 350 two-ply sheet of bath tissue per roll

  2. Individual Sheet Size is 4.25" x 4.0" (108mm x 102mm)

  3. Total paper content per carton: 495 square feet (46 square meters) per carton

  4. 12 rolls per carton, 90 cartons per pallet

The Retailer Value Proposition:

  1. High quality standards: Soft, clean, absorbent 2-ply bath tissue will please consumers.

  2. Meaningful Value: 12 each 350 count rolls (double rolls) that would span nearly 5 football fields (467 lineal yards of paper in each 12-pack).

  3. Profitable: Convenience packs are produced at Green Bay Converting (GBC). GBC is an integrated and highly automated, low cost producer focused on helping our customers achieve/maintain above average margins.

  4. Wise Environmental Practices: These new convenience packs make maximum use of post-consumer recycled materials in the tissue and the carton. No chlorine bleach is used in the production of the bath tissue and corrugated cartons are eliminated for further source helping to reduce a potential source of harmful emissions and further reducing costs.

  5. Integrity: Green Bay Converting has earned the trust of the industry leading companies in the tissue industry by meeting our commitments and standing behind our products.


GBC’s New Ever-Green Bathroom Tissue Carton Wins the Institute of Packaging Professionals Award of Merit: The new Ever-Green® sustainable bathroom tissue package from Green Bay Converting is the winner of the 2010 Institute of Packaging Professionals Award of Merit. This new bathroom tissue carton does not utilize any difficult-to-recycle plastic but instead it is manufactured from 100% recycled fiber with a certified 35% minimum post-consumer fiber. In addition each carton keeps the tissue rolls clean and well organized in a cabinet, pantry or vanity. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this new carton is that it features an empty core return opening. Empty cores can be returned to the carton as fresh rolls of tissue are removed. After the last roll of tissue has been used, the entire package can be recycled, cores included! Some of the millions of cores that are discarded each day can now be easily collected and recycled right along with the carton. Similar cartons for bath tissue and napkins are now available from Green Bay Converting.